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February 28, 2006



When I was very young (minus five), my favorite record was an LP that contained nothing but the theme from Walt Disney World's It's a Small World ride... over and over and over again. I listened to that record every day for hours, until one day it was suddenly gone.

My mother said the broken record was an accident, and I believed her (of course). Years later, though, she confessed that she threw the record out because she was so sick of hearing it.


Lol, James--I can certainly understand! My husband's parents have vehemently denied my implications here, but whatever happened to Mr. Machine, he was tempting fate by being so danged irritating.


I am just reading this now -- but what a funny story!

Retro Avatar

I had another Marvin Glass creation. It was a game called "Operation".

After several days the buzzer stopped working. Of course, the fun was gone once the thing couldn't buzz when you touched an edge. Especially since I was trying to tap out Morse Code by touching the tweezers to the "bread Basket" area.

Can't help but think some family member silenced the game for the sake of sanity.



Here's another cute Mr. Machine story. It talks about other baby boomer toys too! It's about only toy and their adult versions. Funny stuff!



HI,I'm glad to see that someone else loved their Mr.Machine. it is my most memorable christmas gift as a child. they finally got it right with this and no dolls...LOL


Doug Gosha


However, I had a Mr. Machine back then too and quickly discovered that you could remove the bell and still enjoy his other actions without driving everybody else crazy. He walked a LOT faster without the bell though!

He still emitted the squawk cyclically but that was no where near as annoying as the constant ringing:^)



Thanks, Doug!  We'll have to try that out.

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