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December 09, 2005


Brayden   Clark

I belive in Santa Clause because my father dosent have a job and dosent have enough money to buy presents that I get,Many kids especially 11 through 17 think that if you don`t belive in Santa Clause that you seem older or cooler,YOU DON`T
SEEM COOLER OR OLDER.I still belive and I am 11,Listen to me he is real and will always be real to me.He is just like a real person,he only comes at night because he does other places at noon and so on.My big sister knows hes real too. Love Brayden Clark


He Probaly Isnt Real But I Say People Should Belive Because It Puts The Fun In Christmas And Why Would The Military Track Him Anyway And Remember There Can Be Like 6 Year Olds On This Site And Keep The Christ In Christmas:^)


Yay! I Agree Wit Brayden I Mean I Dont Belive But That Doesnt Mean U Cant Please Commemt Me Back And He Waz Right U DOnt Seem Cooler Or Older I Have Loads Of Friends That Belive And I Support It But If I Could Belive I Would But I Waz Convinced When I Waz Just 5 And I Was So Sad When I Found Out I Went Home And Cried So It Is Almost Impossible I Want 2 Sooo Bad But I Waz So Convinced That It Is Hard But Dont Say That Other Ppl R Stupid PLEASE! It Bugs The Crap Out Of Me But Remember Jesus Is The Reason 4 Da Season!


Anyone? Please?im So Bored Im Gonna Sing There You See Her Sitting There Across The Way She Domt Got A Lot To Say But Theres Sometging About Her And You Dont Know Why But Yr Dieing To Try You Wanna Kiss The Girl Ok Im Tired Of Singing Please Anybody? :^)

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