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December 10, 2005



Santa IS real. I have proof. When my father was a little boy, he saw Santa outside his window. My best friend saw Santa's sleigh and reindeer. One Christmas I heard a click and I was scared. A couple of minutes later, I heard another click. Then, I had to got the bathroom (x3) So my brother looked outside and saw the presents are there (they weren't there before the 'click') I saw them too.
I also wrote this little rant or essay about Santa.
Also, read the book Flight of the Reindeer by Robert Sullivan. It works wonders :3
Also, according to FotR, Santa isn't St. Nicholas, but an elf. Santa Claus does come from Sinterklass/St. Nicholas, although that is not his real name. His real elvish name is something else, like Lalayafla or something.
:) Keep on believing people.

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