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December 10, 2005


lauren keeney

is santa real? the ans is no


My son dearly loves The Polar Express and talks about it constantly. My wife and I are looking to get the silver bell that Hallmark sells, just so he can have a constant reminder that Santa exists as long as you can hear it chime.

Courtney Hill

Santa is real because how could parents do it thats crazy. Bcause one time on christmas eve I was a sleep then the next mornig there were these huge blocks like you put stuffed animals in. And that s**** for people that don't belive in santa claus.


I think santa is not real your parnets get the stuff and hide it. or keep it at the store when ever it opens for the parnets and night. I use to but now people say santa is not real. your mom and dad go pick it up from the store and leave it some.

Laura Beth Todd

I am not really sure.I looked at this website and it said he wasnt.I dont think that is true.Santa is real if you beleive in him and that is what counts.


I don't know what to think I mean no one will tell me do you


I am sorry to say that Santa Clause is NOT real. Your parents have been lying to you your whole life.They go out and buy the presents and place themunder your tree while you are fast asleep. Which explains why they say Santa will not come unless you are sleeping. If you still don't belive me, take last year for example, I awoke at approximatly three 0' clock AM and thats when I say my dad and my older brother bringing in a trampoline and my mom stuffing the stockings,they shoved me away and told me to go back to sleep without awakening my brothers and sisters.This horrid site broke my heart and thats why I decided never to tell my chrildren about Santa its heart breaking and what a great way to start out your relationship with your child but LYING and NOT just some SMALL LIE a web of lies spread throughout many years.


I think santa is real becase one christmas i woke up to get a drink and isaw santa going up the chimny.Then onChristmas day i saw paw prints on the roof of my house so that gave me proof santa claus IS REAL!!!!!!


i think santa is real... its fun believing in the magic and the excitment of santa...im 11 years old, i mean C'mon, all my friends try to convince me he's not real...i can believe what i want and its great for the people who still DO believe. SANTA IS NOT A LIE!!

Gabriel Adams

I think santa is real!!! All of my friends he is not real but I do. I woke up one moring and I had seen santa tricks and reindeer foot prints on my roof thats why I think santa is real!!!!!!!!!!! Trust ME PPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!


i know santa claus is real from the bottom of my heart. that ashley girl does not know what she's talking about .that was probally presents from her mom and dad . yea she saw her mom stuff the stockings because parents do put some stuff in your stockings,but that doesn't mean santa is not real.you guys listen to me . trust me!chistopher is right!about the tracks on his house. remember if you believe, you reiceve! love you all! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy and Sophie

hi everyone we would just like to say that Santa is not real i am 13 and i have known for agggges...christmas is better if you believe coz u think santa is gunna come and all that stuff but even i see all my presents in mums room and i picked up some of them in the mall and plus mum and dad already told me he wasnt real when i was 11 so i think all u 11 year olds in that convo are stupid coz that is waaaay too old to be believeing in santa. . .like cmon..little elves...reindeers...whatever pfft! haha we cant even believe i ever believed that s*** lol!! merry xmas hope uz like wat uz are getting from ur parents!


i dont belive in santa

santas little helper

Thats well harsh, just go and ruin all these kids Christmas Amy and Sophie! Just cos u dont believe anymore doesnt mean that people are stupid cos they got more of an imagination than you. People have a right to believe what they want and you cant go around saying there stupid. You never no maybe your parents have to by your presents cos santa doesnt want to buy you any cos you dont believe anymore?! Who knows...


Im 15 and after all the drama,sneaking around and stuff i thought i cought my mom out!...and i did...but I did some MAGER research and Santa goes to two billion kids a night and theres four billion.Santa dos'nt come to everyone in one night so your mom and dad SOMTIMES get the presents becouse its impossable FOR Santa.to get to everyone so nomatter what people say..
SANTA IS REAL............after all Santa is a saint so you dont have a choice in either you belive or not




I think santa is real becase if you get a lot of things on christmas day your parents would not spend say 400$ on you would they ? but if you do not belive in santa you have that right.one year I got a go-kart for christmas and I know my parents would not spend 600$ dollars on a go-kart.So I'm telling you santa claus is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


not real


i saw the christmas stash.


I think santa is real because the canada/american natioal airforce control tracks santa he is real.If he was not real why would the air force track him every christmas eve??My cousin dana is 12 years old and she still belives in santa(unlike Shelby on this page)If you read books there some that say they have seen unidentified objects on christmas eve.Others say they have seen someone in someone's hous delivering toys.And like said earllier why would the air force track him because there board?or another reason why they would track him because there are no more terorist in the us? so this christmas eve stay awake and see if he comes.some say santa tells you to be sleeping because your parents don't want you to see them WRONG!!!!! Its because santa dosen't want to reveal his secret.so on christmas day check to see if santa ate the cookies then thats how you can see if hes real.some bad kids think santa is not real because they always get coal but its because they were BAD.but if you belive in santa deep down in your heart expect something nice under the tree if you know what i mean

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