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October 05, 2005



Thanks for the link, dearie, but didn't that link come from CC? I remember reading it, but not linking it. ;-)

Sorry things haven't settled down for you on the house front - but just think, you're all ready for Christmas! I think a big ass holly wreath would be smashing on your front door.


i, too, have been wondering whatever became of your drama. and while it pains me to see that the saga continues, i want you to know that my husband and i have been roaming the city in search of butt ugly houses (wait til you see the orange disaster right around the corner from our house) to post collectively on my blog. i can't express enough how much i HATE that you are going thru this. i don't even know if hate is a strong enough word.
keep us posted if you don't mind.


Living in Overprivilegedham, Maryland as I am, I often miss the Texas of my youth, where things like homeowners' associations didn't exist -- at least not where I lived -- and people knew how to mind their own business. But, then, as we're jammed closer and closer together like chickens in battery cages, I suppose it's inevitable that craziness would follow.

Mike Reardon

I too have not heard of the Green House for while, but I distinctly remember the moral of that parable. You might be pleased to learn that I have joyfully spread this knowledge.
My father and his wife were getting some grief from their HOA in Florida. I suggested that they do as you did, and get on the board. They did.
Now they are in a position to give grief to others, and no one dare mention the fact that my step-mother, an avid horticulturist, has violated several silly 'rules' regarding plantings, fences, orniments ect.
Just think, in a few decades this lesson can be further distilled and we can bring the fascists back to run the whole country.
In HOAs, as in totalitarian regimes, the 'rules' only apply to the poor saps that do not hold the power.
P.S. Please don't construe this post as being critical of you. Your solution was extremely practical given the seriously flawed nature of HOAs (that silly principle of due process being discarded in HOAs). The considerable financial investment in my parents’ home, like yours, is now safe from the arbitrary and capricious conduct of an amateur run HOA board (and the lawyers and property managers who like to egg them on)

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