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October 07, 2005



Hey, you really had me going there! What an unpleasant, yet completely believable, dream.


Did you also look down and notice you were naked?

Because otherwise, the dream is totally something that would happen to me in real life.


I rarely remember my dreams, and when I do, they lack the vivid details of yours. I wish I could remember just a few of them for a good chuckle in the morning!


Are you serious?! That's your dream? I blogged that nightmare two days ago!



BrightStar (B*)

I actually was asked the same question twice in one interview with a search committee, but the problem was -- THE SAME PERSON asked the same question twice. Totally not what you did in your dream.

Glad it was only a dream. :)


Eh, look on the bright side. Anyone who would be that critical of you (even in a dream!) when you are on the already hired side of the table probably isn't anyone you would want to work with anyway : )


Oh thank GOD that was a dream!!


you got me. my mouth was dropping lower with every line. you had me dipping into my reserve supply for empathy. glad you woke up from it.

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