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April 20, 2005


Prentiss Riddle

Ouch! I have a friend who believes that Pepto-Bismol is a preventative as well as a remedy. He may be dreaming, but under the circumstances I think I'd give it a try.


You could also try my cat technique: Whenever I hear the bone-chilling sound of a dry heave coming from somewhere (oh god, where is she?!) in my house I grab a towel and rush to the source of the sound. I then proceed to try to place the towel on the ground under her head in the hopes that she will do her little throw-up number on THE TOWEL instead of on THE NEW CARPET. We face off. She goes left, I go right. She goes right. Me, left. This never works. At the very last second she always manages to turn her head or wiggle away and ka-ploom! I sulk off in search of the HotShot for Carpets.

Might work better with children..........

Dr. H

I have no advice, but I hope everyone is feeling better... if not now, then soon.

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