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February 03, 2005


Prentiss Riddle

I'm glad to see this list! As a newbie student in a program that incorporates library science among other things, I'm being fed a lot of material about (a) the traditional library way of doing things, (b) the groovy post-library Interweb world in which metadata will wash our cars and fix our morning coffee, and (c) the impending death of libraries and indeed civilization as Google, blogs and IMing suck the grey matter out of our skulls. There's not enough about practical improvements to be made to the real-world hybrid libraries we use in 2005.

Regarding libraries being forced to silently share patron data under the Patriot Act: I heard a possibly already over-blogged, possibly apocryphal story about a library somewhere which had a sign posted to the effect of, "The FBI hs not been by to examine our patron records today. (Watch for the removal of this sign.)"

Geoff Sinclair

There's a new add-on to RefWorks called RefShare which will accomplish pretty much what you're asking for (it's still in beta). In RefWorks, you can open up folders to other RefWorks users (one at a time), but RefShare allows you to publish public booklists. Depending how your institution set it up, "public" could be campus-wide access or access for all Internet users. If your institution has a link resolver set up, you can do deep linking using OpenURLs.



Thanks, Geoff. I'm going to see if my library will get RefShare--we do have RefWorks.

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