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November 29, 2004



Oh yes, this is now the prime time for those questions! When I was pregnant, Em wanted to know all about it and we watched a video and I bought her a book that answered most of her questions, but I know that her same-age friends have all been asking similar questions.

Sounds like you handled them with aplomb. :)


My 5 year-old daughter has been asking more specific questions about pregnancy since her Montessori teacher is expecting a baby. This posting helped me so much! I feel like I can handle her questions now when the topic comes up again. THANK-YOU!


Thanks for the comment, Susan! Not long ago I read a great book (Title: "Everything you didn't want your kids to know about sex but were afraid they'd ask") that said what you say doesn't matter as much as the fact that you are willing to answer without getting upset. The book also said that parents should bring up the subject if the kids don't ask, otherwise kids will assume that the subject is forbidden. I find it a little challenging to bring it up, but it seems to get easier with practice. Good luck with answering your daughter's questions!

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